Approved for use in aircraft

TÜV Rheinland researched the risks for a child held on the parent's lap, and found the results were so alarming that they now advise that a separate seat is booked for any child; and that the child is safely secured in a correctly installed car seat. The safety test made by TÜV certifies that Kiddy car seats "with due consideration to specific requirements of aircraft, represent an increase in safety" for a child on board an aircraft.

(Source: ADAC Fahrzeugtechnik (Automotive Technology) - 08.12.4000-IN 26151 -  Status 10-2010)

The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2, Guardian Pro 2, Guardianfix Pro 2 and Smartfix are all TÜV aircraft approved Group 1/2/3 car seats. The Guardianfix 3 is certified for Group 1 (9-18kg) use in aircraft. The Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 infant carrier is also TÜV certified and can be strapped in using the aircraft seat belt. Taking your own car seat on board an aircraft also means that there is no requirement to rent an unknown car seat at your destination. Your child will be safely secured into a quality car seat, which you know its history and is also correct for their age and height.

We strongly suggest that you inform the airline of your intention to use a child car seat on board the flight, at the time you make your booking, or before flying. The airline companies will have their own information on car seat use on their websites. Please note: It may be necessary to use a belt shortener to secure the car seat on some flights. These are available as an optional accessory for Kiddy.

Aircraft Certificates

Evolution Pro 2
Phoenixfix 3
Phoenixfix Pro 2
Guardian Pro 2
Guardianfix Pro 2
Guardianfix 3 (Group 1: 9-18kg only)
Cruiserfix Pro